Meet Sadie Lincoln
Your body can become firmer, shapelier, and sexier.

With Love Your Lower Body, you can experience a shift. Extra weight melts off. Energy levels skyrocket. Your body can become firmer, shapelier, and sexier. You improve your mood, feel great, and see results fast! It's a transformation that takes place inside and outside. This whole-body fitness and nutrition plan is designed to help give the long, lean lines of a dancer and the power and strength of an athlete — all while helping you find a happier, more confident mind-set.

“The movement sequences for this plan leave you feeling energized, not out of steam. The routines are easy to learn, and you get variations and modifications for exercisers of all abilities.”
—Sadie Lincoln

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Love Your Lower Body brings you the pioneering science of 1-inch movements. These small movements are powerful and get deep into your muscles. They help shape and slim both large and small muscles at once ... break plateaus ... and firm up your seat, legs, hips, and abs like never before.

“The workouts are doable regardless of
fitness level.”
Sara La Du, 36

“I’ve lost two chins!” Jennifer Dashney-Longbine, 34

You can get twice the toning, trimming, and tightening power using these 10-minute workouts because you'll be using muscle fibers much more effectively.

Get started now with this move called the Narrow Athletic V. It strategically shapes and slims your legs, seat, and core all at once. It's on page 120 of Love Your Lower Body.

Just look at how easy these moves are!

This easy move
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7-day bonus plan helps jumpstart your results! Sadie knows we all want to see results fast! That's why she's included a 7-day jumpstart to get you ready for anything! Need to look great for a wedding or a reunion? No problem! Follow her plan, and you'll look and feel great fast!

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Meet Sadie Lincoln

Sadie, a mother of two, was tired of long, hard exercise that didn't make the scale budge. She wanted a workout that worked for her — one that gave her a sense of balance in her life, helped her shed pounds, and increased her strength, focus, and stamina.

She drew from her biggest passions — yoga, Pilates, and ballet — to create barre3, a workout that uses isometric holds to focus on posture and alignment, controlled 1-inch movements to work deep into the muscle, and dynamic, functional movement to lift the heart rate and flush out the body. This 3-step formula is designed — and proven — to strengthen the body while burning calories, blasting fat, and creating a slimmer physique.

We've received rave reviews from thousands of satisfied barre3 participants, many of whom have been able to eliminate diabetes medications, recover from chronic pain, and even zip up their skinny jeans again. Now you can find her lifestyle secrets in this breakthrough program!

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