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Sadie Lincoln, creator of Love Your Lower Body
Discover the Amazing Secret That Makes Love Your Lower Body a True Fitness Breakthrough
You Can Reshape Your Body Twice As Fast!You Can Reshape Your Body Twice As Fast

The secret: The targeted, 1-inch movements featured in the Love Your Lower Body workouts incorporate the science of small movements that work deep into your muscles.

These graceful workouts combine the strengthening power of yoga, ballet barre, and Pilates to quickly tone your belly, butt, hips, and thighs.

Cori lost 2 inches off both her waist and hips. This is what she had to say about the program:

“Almost instantly my waistline sucked in!”

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Supercharge Your Metabolism to Help You Lose Weight Quickly
The secret: 10-minute routines. Don't have time for 60-minute or even 30-minute workouts? Love Your Lower Body uses the latest exercise science to show that you can get BETTER results with shorter workouts. It also keeps your metabolism revved throughout the day.

The transformative moves are low-impact and graceful. You can shed extra weight and reshape your body faster than with any other method you've tried.

With Love Your Lower Body, trouble spots are NO trouble at all! You don't need to spend hours working out, and you don't need fancy equipment. All you need is 10 minutes!

You can see the transformation — and you can feel the transformation! You can look amazing, feel more confident, have more energy, and move through your day with ease! Just look at what it's done for others:

“I feel like I went back in time 10 years! My tush has completely transformed from ‘Mom buns’
— flat and saggy — to a perky, round, firm one.”

“For the first time in decades, I have room in...
my jeans!”

Love Your Lower Body is the secret Cori, Christina, Jennifer, and hundreds of other women used to get the long, lean dancer body they wanted.

This program is a total lifestyle that fits into any busy schedule! You'll learn how to eat the Love Your Lower Body way, with delicious, fresh whole foods that fuel your body and help you drop the pounds and achieve balance in your daily life.

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