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Skinny Comfort FoodsSkinny Comfort Foods: Lose weight without dieting

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We know it. You know it. Diets don't always work. Diets can deprive you, leave you feeling hungry, and never really lead to permanent weight loss.

For you, the plan is easy: When hunger pangs strike, you must eat. Just be sure to eat the healthiest, most delicious foods around. Foods that do double duty: satisfy your appetite and leave you slim and gorgeous.

Foods that make you positively thrilled with the wonderful way you look.
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Mini Ham Quiches

Eat the Mini Ham
keep you skinny. Page 3

Tuna Satay Skewers

Eat Tuna Satay
for a beautiful
body. Page 7

Eggplant Casserole

Eat Turkey Chili to slip
into your skinny jeans.
Page 8

Party Nut Mix

Eat Party Nut Mix to
keep your fanny free from
flab. Page 9